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EMDR Europe 20th Anniversary

Connecting People, Connecting Europe!

Scientific exchange and joint projects are some of the objectives of the EMDR Europe scientific community and of the member countries that will come together to Krakow in June 2019.

This conference is the right direction towards the strengthening of cooperation of think tanks in the EMDR broad scientific framework and help generate synergy through scientific and clinical cooperation. The fact that Poland is hosting this conference, positions the country as an essential pillar of a set of intertwined clinical and scientific initiatives seeking to connect people and knowledge.

This conference has a “working character” and offers an eclectic mix of thought provoking, practical and inspiringworkshops, led by an equally varied selected speakers. The EMDR Europe annual conference is unique every year because it connects researchers and experienced EMDR professionals from across Europe.

In terms of the conference sessions, everything delivered will have something that can be implemented in clinical practice and help us develop as EMDR clinicians.

Great people, great content- that is what we aim at our Conferences…. EMDR Europe and EMDR Poland, will be putting all their best efforts to create a highly engaging and impactful learning experience, with the best experts and practitioners on stage and including a high degree of diversity in topics and perspectives, to get you thinking, doing, experimenting, reflecting and sharing. See you in Krakow!

    President of EMDR Europe

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy and honoured to announce that the 20th EMDR Conference will be held in Krakow on June 2019, proudly organised by EMDR Poland Association and EMDR Europe Association.

This will be a very unique conference, called “EMDR – Connecting People, Connecting Europe”, and it is the first time when a conference is held in a city in Central Europe, which symbolically connects numerous cultures and histories. Krakow is a very special town – a place of science, art, tradition and modernity. It is where the first Polish university was founded and it is also the home of the oldest Polish theatre. We hope that Krakow will become a special place to us, EMDR therapists, and that it will connect therapists from all over Europe to foster new contacts and friendships and to give us a chance to reflect upon the ever growing possibilities of the EMDR therapy.

During the Krakow conference you will have an opportunity to meet magnificent speakers, experts in their fields. We made an effort to arrange the agenda in such a manner so that you can learn and then apply in practice the most recent methods of treating various mental disorders which you see in your everyday professional activity.

We also hope that apart from new knowledge learned on lectures and hard work during workshops, Krakow will also provide opportunities for exciement and entertainment, to share a good time with old and new friends. We believe that on your leaving Krakow, you will not only be equipped with useful skitlls and tools for your clinical activity but also brimming with fantastic memories of new friendships and that Krakow atmosphere of openness and the joy of interconnecting.

I am sending out the kindest regards and looking forward to seeing you all in Krakow.

Conference Chair and President of EMDR Poland