Supervision Dilemmas in EMDR

Collective Exploration

ICE Krakow Congress Centre
Marii Konopnickiej 17
30-302 Kraków

Thursday 27th June 2019 – 2.00 – 5.30 p.m.


To all of us as Europe Approved Consultant Supervisors we appreciate our role is central to ensure fidelity to the model and to develop EMDR therapeutic skills in our supervisees. There is often a gap between what the supervisee may have learnt from the EMDR Europe Trainer and what they may deliver to clients. The Europe Approved Consultant Supervisor is an essential bridge and helps to ensure the governance of practice thus impacting the efficacy of the therapy.

In this workshop,  members of the Practice Committee of EMDR Europe, hope to explore different models of supervision and various scenarios that may emerge in the supervisory process.

1. Welcome – Maeve Crowley

2. Introduction Supervisory theory and practice –DF

3. Group Activity -5 Dilemmas that may emerge in supervision – case vignettes devised  and facilitated by KB; DF; TK; IM; MOC

4. Feedback on the case vignettes – Conclusions

5. Group Activity (divide into national groups)
  • How does my country complete the Competency Framework document – differences, issues and dilemmas?
  • The Practice Committee would hope to use the information generated from this activity to inform the work of the future work of the  Committee

DF Derek Farrell
KB Kartsen Boehm
TK Tilly Koolstra
IM Isabelle Meignant
MOC Mike O Connor